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Are you a Work and Income (WINZ) client who qualifies for essential work-related costs – such as a vehicle to get you to and from work? If you’re entitled to Temporary Additional Support from WINZ, consider renting a reliable vehicle from Lease2Go – you could have your rental fee covered if you need the car to get to and from work.

Lease2Go is an affordable, convenient, and stress-free car rental option for WINZ-registered clients. With us, you can rent a vehicle for the long term, with no credit checks, or WOF or Rego bills. Plus, you get full mechanical maintenance, and a mechanical warranty. 

You can be confident you won’t have any dead batteries when you try and start up in the morning, or breakdowns on your way to and from work. We process and approve your application fast and give you the necessary documentation for your WINZ case manager, so you can get back on the road to and from work without delay. No more having to worry about grumpy bosses because you got to work late!

We take care of every vehicle rental detail, including registration, WOF, maintenance, and mechanical warranty, so you don’t have to. Our helpful on-site Auckland and Christchurch staff are available to answer any questions and make your vehicle rental experience as stress-free as possible.

With Lease2Go, you can rent a modern, reliable, and comfortable vehicle, as well as the benefits of a full mechanical warranty, maintenance, scheduled services, and more.

Payment, driver’s licences, and vehicle insurance

Lease2Go accepts full New Zealand driver’s licences, as well as restricted licences – but require a NZ$500 refundable bond upfront if you’re on a restricted. WINZ can usually cover this, as well as comprehensive vehicle insurance, so discuss this with your case manager.

When leasing a vehicle from Lease2Go, you agree to not exceed the kilometre limit of 7,500km for a 6-month lease term and 15,000km for a 12-month lease. If this limit is exceeded for petrol vehicles, there is a 9c surcharge per kilometre and a 19c surcharge per kilometre for hybrid vehicles. Along with these restrictions, we ask you to not smoke in your rented vehicle, to keep our vehicles in premium condition.

We recommend you consult our Wear & Tear Policy to inform yourself of the expected returned condition of the vehicle. If the car is returned damaged, we will assess the damage and quote to return it to its original condition.

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