Wear and Tear Guidance

Please note that the assessment of wear and tear is generally dependent upon the age and mileage of the vehicle under inspection. We will endeavour to assess damage recharges fairly, charging on a repair rather than replacement basis, where possible.

Exterior Vehicle and body paint, Grille and bumper

  • Scratches that are longer than 10 cm
  • Dents, scuffs and abrasions larger than 8 cm
  • More than two dents per panel
  • (Stone) chipping, covering more than 25% of the panel
  • Incorrect repaint work, showing a colour difference
  • Incorrect repair work not meeting industry repair standards
  • Corrosion development on any type of damage
  • Paint discolouration through external impacts, such as incorrect chemical usage
  • Broken or cracked or deformed grilles and bumpers
  • Damage due to incorrect usage of chemicals

Exterior Tyre wear and wheel rims

  • Scratches, scuffs or abrasions larger than 10 cm
  • Deformed tyres, e.g. caused by kerbing
  • Bulges, cracks or cuts to the tyres
  • Damage to the sidewalls or tread
  • Tread smaller than 1.5mm
  • Tyres penetrated with a foreign object
  • Broken or deformed wheel trim, rim or alloy
  • Corrosion development on the wheel trim, rim or alloy
  • Returns without the original wheel caps, tyre mobility kit and/or spare wheel

Exterior Glazing and lights

  • Broken glass or lights
  • Cracks in the lights, which restrict the function of the light. All bulbs should be operational.
  • Self-applied sun protection or tinted strips must be completely removed from the windscreen if they have not been professionally applied, are torn, or have begun to separate from the corners of the windscreen
  • Chips or cracks larger than 3cm

Exterior Mirrors and external fitting

  • Painted mirror cases: scuffing and scratches larger than 5 cm, or any scuffing and scratches not possible to be removed via mechanical polishing
  • For textured or non-painted mirror cases: scuffing, scratches and scores larger than 5 cm
  • Deformation or breakage of the mirror and/or mirror case
  • Beacons that have damaged the structure of the vehicle through their fitment or removal

Interior Furniture and dashboard

  • Soiling and stains on seats, interior lining, floor mats or carpets, which can not be removed by general cleaning, but require specialist cleaning or replacement
  • Cuts or damage to the material of the interior lining, carpets and floor mats
  • Holes left in the console as a result of equipment removal
  • Cuts or loose threads on the steering wheel
  • Unpleasant odours which require specialist cleaning to remove
  • Returning the vehicle with seats missing
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