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Are you a rideshare driver with Zoomy or Uber and your regular car is being serviced or repaired? Or do you want to start a potentially lucrative career in the rideshare industry? If so, you’ll need a reliable, late model vehicle to offer your clients the best trip experience possible.

Lease2Go is your affordable, convenient, and stress-free car lease solution. With us, you can rent a vehicle for the long term, with no credit checks, or COF or Rego bills. Plus, you get full mechanical maintenance, and a mechanical warranty. 

We process and approve your application fast, so you can get out on the road earning income quickly and easily. We also offer a lease to own option.

A long-term Lease2Go package means you can bundle all your vehicle operating expenses into one easy weekly payment, which also makes it simpler for your tax returns.

If you want to enjoy the freedom of being your own boss, we offer a wide range of late model vehicles that are a perfect match if you’re a Zoomy or Uber driver. There are no big startup costs, and you can drive away with complete peace of mind knowing you have a fully maintained vehicle with no strings attached.

You can use your car 24/7, no matter if you’re using it for work or pleasure. We offer late model vehicles that are fuel efficient and reliable. That means both you and your passengers will enjoy a comfortable ride and it won’t be too hard on your fuel costs!

We take care of every rideshare vehicle lease detail, including registration, COF, maintenance, and mechanical warranty, so you don’t have to. Our helpful on-site Auckland and Christchurch staff are available to answer any questions and make your time on the road as stress-free as possible, so you can concentrate on your driving.

Please note there is a rideshare driving distance limitation of 30,000 a year when you lease a vehicle from Lease2Go. 

With Lease2Go, you can lease a modern, reliable, and comfortable vehicle for as long as you want, while you enjoy the benefits of a full mechanical warranty, maintenance, scheduled services, and more.

Payment, driver’s licences, and vehicle insurance

A Passenger (P) endorsement is required if you carry passengers for hire or reward. So, we will need evidence of this before you can rent a vehicle from us. However, you can obtain pre-approval without a P endorsement, so you can confirm you’re eligible before applying for one.

Lease2Go offers a flexible payment system that lets you pay weekly or monthly, interest-free. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express (Amex). Please note that if you wish to pay by Visa or MasterCard credit cards there is a 3% surcharge and if you wish to pay with Amex there is a 5% surcharge. There are no fees for paying in cash. 

We also accept payment via WeChat or Alipay, which will incur a 2% fee. Please note that we don’t issue refunds if you return your car earlier than the contracted date.

Insurance is an important part of hiring a car and we advise you to purchase comprehensive insurance for your leased vehicle, as well as any other insurances that your rideshare partner recommends. You can arrange this yourself, or a member of our team can help. The cost varies according to the provider but, if you are over 25 years old and hold a full New Zealand Driver’s Licence, expect the costs to be around NZ$500 a year, with a $400 excess.

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